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Marcus Reeves

Book, Music & Lyrics

a new Tim Rice
— Elaine Paige

Over the last two decades, writer and performer Marcus Reeves has reinvented himself repeatedly, with incarnations as an actor, singer songwriter and performance poet. His albums, singles, EPs and audiobook of poetry have received critical acclaim and local and national UK radio airplay. His debut solo album Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre is available now from all good digital outlets and as a collector’s edition CD from the Reeves Corner shop.

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Michael Roulston


a true virtuoso...
— Broadway Baby

Michael Roulston is a performer and composer. A recent feature article in the U.S. publication Cabaret Scenes said “Roulston’s creative output spans mainstream and alternative genres, and shapes artistic endeavors all over the capital. His work ethic can only be described as heroic… As his reputation grows, and his influence spreads, cabaret devotees can feel reassured that London cabaret is in safe, adventurous hands. Musical Theatre Review said ‘Roulston is an accomplished and versatile musical director and composer who appears to be constantly working in the West End and beyond. A regular face behind the piano at practically every major cabaret venue in London’.